The mini MBA to make you superhuman

10xMBA is a new concept: a one-month, intensive ‘mini’ MBA program for those who want to achieve more – to become the next generation of project managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in all fields. Designed by Sebastian, senior program manager at Google for more than 10 years, the need for the course became all the more apparent.

The world is changing but it is unlikely that the expertise you develop today will stay relevant throughout your career.
So what will remain?
Your ability to be the best at what you do – to be who you are and aspire to more; to “think outside the box.”

What if you learnt there was no box?

Take a look at some of the 10xMBA presentations below. Note that this is the type of content participants would have access to but that workshops themselves will instead focus on practical, hands-on projects implementing the skills taught in those presentations.

mentored by


It may sound impossible. Exaggerated even, but becoming ‘superhuman’ is doable. Rise above your self-imposed limits – starting today. Reset your outlook once we unlock your potential. Here, at 10xMBA, we are searching for future leaders with ambition, drive and tenacity.


in the coming months

10 hours of workshops per week
over 1 month.

Monday & Wednesday evenings,
and Sunday half-day.


  1. Manage your time effectively
  2. Work around existing commitments
  3. Make a positive impact on your customer base and community
  4. Feel energised and motivated to reach an end point
  5. See the value in the process, not only in achieving the goal
  6. Innovate, working at pace
  7. Get to the point, operating with brevity
  8. Make decisions with conviction and clarity of thought
  9. Never procrastinate again and finish all your projects on time
  10. Think bigger. 10x BIGGER.
How we do stand out?

The value of our program is in pace, our no-nonsense approach, the inspiration we will provide, not to mention the encouragement to carry on by your team-members. We offer quality and depth, with real-time and recorded lectures, group collaboration, workshops led by expert coaches, inspirational speakers and more.

Real tools

Become more responsive, organised and productive, the basic skills managers often find lacking in their teams.

Newfound Innovation

Make an impression or kick-start real changes and greater efficiency, even, in your organisation. Or, maybe your goal is more self-focused, in which case we are here to inspire.

See with greater clarity

Get your personal projects off the ground, led by those with vast experience in steering others.

Develop your persona

Set yourself apart from the crowd. All this, and more, we can help you achieve with the right mindset.

our mentors

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” – Henry Ford 
Our mentors are truly international, based in or working on all continents and time-zones – with a deep understanding of emerging countries. Impressed?

“Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

– Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

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