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Case study: launching 10xMBA

What better example than to share with you the story of how we launched 10xMBA. We applied all of the 10xMBA values (of course!), in particular the ability to work as a team. Believe it or not, the members of 10xMBA’s core team are all based in different countries and different timezones – some even have never met in person! The same goes for all our mentors who are based across all continents and timezones.

Yet those apparent constraints were turned into opportunities: when some team members were asleep, others could take over with ongoing work. By being very organised and clearly communicating over email (about 25 group emails are sent each day, not counting the specific 1:1 emails), but also by always remaining kind, we managed to start 10xMBA, refine its mission – and actually launch. This was no small feat: no one individually would have managed to launch something as ambitious as 10xMBA, but by combining the skills and the complementary talent of each team member, we succeeded in offering a very clear product.

We had many (healthy) disagreements of course – which is also why it’s critical to define clear responsibilities or at the very least an identifiable decision maker if the team cannot collectively come to a consensus.

During our workshops, we will make you work in teams on hands-on projects. You will be assigned to different teams for each project. You will thus get a chance to work with other very talented people from your own city or country, or even students from other countries. We will share tips with you and give you feedback on how to make team work even more efficient.

What makes a good leader?

“The early 20th-century German sociologist Max Weber wrote charisma is a quality that sets an individual “apart from ordinary men,” and causes others to treat him as “endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities.” Here, at 10xMBA, learn how to be superhuman – or more simply, a good leader.

What makes a good leader? We all know that person who can really hold an audience; make us feel we are the only one in the room, no matter how large the audience. So what does it mean to have charisma? Is it something we can bottle?

It is not only charisma that makes someone a leader. Watch Simon Sinek’s take on leadership qualities.


“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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