Value: Be Curious & Creative

Creating Business Plans

In between and during workshops, we will ask you to come up with business plans for new ideas that can solve practical problems – in particular problems faced by people in emerging countries. Note the plural in “business plans”: 10xMBA is not a traditional MBA so you won’t be in “slow” mode to come up with and detail only one business plan. The world changes more quickly and we are here to make your mind buzz with new ideas.

We will show you how to generate new ideas, how to combine ideas from old ones, how to pivot them into projects that have a higher chance to succeed. As such, you will work on many new business plans, individually and in teams. So much that by the time the 10xMBA workshops end, you will be desperate to find cofounders to launch your ideas – and guess what? By then, you will most undoubtedly have met some other extraordinary talent among fellow students of 10xMBA, who all share the same values.

One way of becoming superhuman is to fly like Superman

Watch this video before reading the rest of this section.

Yes, this cyclist rides his bike in a very unconventional and risky, yet highly effective, manner. Most of all, he’s using his head to think about the most aerodynamic way to ride a bike downhill at full speed. In this case, it doesn’t matter if it looks stupid or cool: as long as it’s within the rules of the competition, just do what it takes to be stronger, better, faster than others. If necessary, even think about changing the rules themselves.

Guess what? This video is real but it’s actually an ad. Does that change anything to the point made above? Absolutely not. In fact, it also shows how to be creative in advertising, how to truly stand out from the crowd.

Don’t force yourself to be unconventional. But do strive to be creative and original in everything that you do. During our workshops, you will realise that your crazy ideas are perhaps not so crazy after all.


“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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