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Meet the coordinators

  • Pera

    Founder of Sister in Life, the platform that aims to help & heal women who experience violence in relationships.

    Pera is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    More about Pera:

    Pera is the founder of, a platform to support female victims of abuse. In her experience as a project manager, what personal qualities stand out? ‘I always look for kindness, responsiveness and creativity in team members.’ For Pera, a communication specialist, responsiveness, especially, is key for any leader.

    As a child, Pera dreamed of becoming a doctor or lawyer but instead, decided to take a communication major, firmly believing that communication is a basic skill that one can both learn and enhance. Her top two tips in communicating well are:

    1) ‘Always remain kind and honest; do not harm people with your words but strive to tell the truth.’
    When communication is found lacking, it can cause problems that effect entire countries. Conversely, when leaders inspire and motivate their subjects, the results can be remarkable, such as with John F Kennedy, when he gave a speech before a joint session of congress. One of Pera’s favourite quotes (and yes – she chose the Think 10x quote) is:

    2) ‘We choose to go to the moon not because we have to but because we want to’.
    The original Apollo program, 1961, which Kennedy spoke for, shows us that grand human achievements not only require a large investment of time and money but must come with a reason to make people believe, significant for a person with Pera’s background.

    Described as a workaholic by her family, Pera, a Harry Potter fan, thrives on keeping busy. The view she has of herself is of being kind, persistent and perhaps, introverted, despite her claim that she’d take another human (and a yoga mat) if stranded on a desert island with her!

  • Sebastian

    10+ years at Google managing teams across emerging countries, helping developers and startups to become successful.

    Sebastian is usually on a plane.

    More about Sebastian:

    Sebastian, founder of, is crazy about running projects until completion and mentoring others on how to do that too. He loves to help and will make you think on virtually any topic you bring to him. Take a look here at some of the testimonials from people he’s coached. Oh – and when he’s not playing beach volleyball or recording a debating podcast, you’ll find him on a plane, visiting (and hopefully managing) his teams at Google, based around the planet.

  • Marina

    A primary-school teacher and 1-1 tutor. A writer in her spare time, she has completed two novels and is currently working on publishing her poems. Dreamer, advice giver, risk-taker & aspiring inspirational speaker.

    Marina is based in London, UK.

    More about Marina:

    Based in London, UK, Marina is a primary school teacher with seven years’ worth of experience. In her current role, not only does she nurture the best capabilities of children, but manages other adults in the classroom, acts a subject coordinator for her colleagues and pushes for the highest standards in those under her care. The classroom environment, changeable and often unpredictable, requires great skill as an organiser and calls daily on reserves of patience, creativity and multi-tasking and of course…humour! Gaining much from seeing children progress and grow in confidence, she has also tutored extensively outside of work.

    Able to offer a different perspective to the 10xMBA team, whose experience lies in the corporate world, she believes her take on the course content is important in keeping the material accessible to all and jargon free. So in her experience of the educational field, what does she believe an exceptional leader should possess?

    ‘As a natural leader myself, I respect someone strong, who makes decisions with transparency, who allows me the freedom to run my classroom, my way, while offering honest feedback, framed so that it encourages self-development. What’s important to me is that a leader is able to make sometimes radical decisions and thoroughly plans how to follow through – but isn’t afraid to rework an idea when they see it could be improved on.’

    With a degree in political science, her plan was not to enter the educational field. Having toyed with the notion of becoming a civil servant, she took up work in sales while exploring her options. On beginning voluntary work at a local primary school, Marina realised she had a natural aptitude for teaching and pursued her new path with vigour.

    Growing up, her nose was invariably stuck in a book. An avid reader, as a child, she recalls reading encyclopedias for fun, much to the surprise of her family, who often had to force her to put down her pen and paper and make some attempt to socialise. One of the best things about being a teacher is that the swathes of information (sometimes ‘useless’) she has acquired over the years can always be called upon. The daily battle tends to be not to overwhelm her young students with information overload, particularly risky in history and science.

    Her job also allows her to teach creative writing, in her personal life, the outlet for her emotions. Marina is proud to have written two novels over seven years, a vast collection of poems, and more recently, speeches, which she plans to publish in the coming years.
    Joining the 10xMBA team was a challenge for Marina, put to her by Sebastian, to gauge whether she would gain from writing non-fiction. Before she knew it, she found herself working on the content for the website and producing documents of all kinds. Thanks to the patience and consideration of her team members, Marina has found herself given a new lease of life, just as she has turned thirty, and is eager to continue the 10xMBA journey, raring to go on finalising the course content.

  • Vaibhavi

    Work. Sing. Dance. Travel. Repeat! Open to new adventures; passionate towards encouraging women in tech.

    Vaibhavi is based in Bangalore, India.

    More about Vaibhavi:

    A program manager, based in Bangalore, she describes herself as an explorer, learner and leader. Vaibhavi is looking to meet 10xMBA participants from a diverse set of backgrounds, ready to nurture the skills of responsiveness, attention to detail and remaining approachable.
    Her personal crusade revolves around getting more women involved in tech – whether they are school children, office professionals, home makers or elderly women. She has successfully led a campaign of “Women On Web” (WoW) training 50 elderly women in basic tech skills, working with an NGO for this project. Long-term, her ambition has always been to become an entrepreneur, which she is working towards with the projects she has taken up. Eventually, she hopes to run her own startup. In her current roles, including as a 10xMBA coach, she appreciates a sense of ownership, flexibility and intellectual stimulation.

    Outside of work, Vaibhavi is a keen reader, loving the mythological poems and stories of ancient India and how the stories could fit in our modern world. Not only does she enjoy the written word, Vaibhavi has always been a keen dancer, learning kathak, a classical Indian dance form. In fact, were she stranded on a desert island, Vaibhavi would take her along her ghunghroo (bell) to tie on her legs while practicing her moves. More recently, she discovered a surprising talent for cooking, much to the surprise of her parents.

    When asked who her greatest inspiration has been, Vaibhavi explained why her father stood out:

    ‘He is the person who shows me the right direction, who has nurtured the me in the best way possible, a brilliant Chartered Accountant, singer and great support to me.’

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