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“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

Why the name 10xMBA?
In order to become ‘superhuman’ there are 10 values you need to level-up. Our name is derived from the 10 values you will acquire over the duration of the course. Each of the values are essential for one’s work or personal life, yet many people fall-down in numerous areas.

When will the program run?
The program will run for one month. The actual dates of the program will be notified to selected participants.

Do I need to quit my job?
No. In fact, we’ve designed the curriculum of 10xMBA in a way that perfectly suits the working professional:
India timezone: Monday and Wednesday, 6.00 PM-8.30 PM and Sunday, 1.30PM – 6.30PM
Indonesia timezone: Monday and Wednesday, 7.30 PM-10.00 PM and Sunday, 3PM – 8PM

How many applicants will you accept?
The course has been specially designed for 20 people in each location, India and Indonesia (although we accept applicants from all over the world). Participants will work jointly on projects and independently on individual assignments. Online workshops will be conducted by coaches, calling for group collaboration.

What are the Internet and computer requirements?
You should ideally have a laptop/computer, a pair of headphones and a reliable Internet connection that allows you to take part in video conferencing. If you don’t and if you are based in either Bangalore or Jakarta, we have partnered with local tech hubs and coworking space with space and equipment that you can use free of charge during the workshop hours. If you are not based in Bangalore or Jakarta and don’t have a reliable Internet connection, contact us.

How much time do I need to invest in this program?
Classes are conducted 10 hours per week; expect to spend a further 6-10 hours per week on projects and assignments.

Can I take the workshops from home or do I have to travel?
You can take the program from a location of your choice. However, there will be opportunities for you to meet fellow students in person (but this is completely optional).

Who are the speakers?
We are proud of our wealth of speakers, diverse in expertise and highly experienced. You can visit the list of speakers here.

Will I get 1:1 mentorship?
Your team members will provide constant feedback on your performance and assignments. Excitingly, there will be time-slots provided for 1:1 mentorship with our speakers (subject to availability).

Is attendance mandatory for the sessions?
Since it’s a month long dedicated course, each session will center around one of the 10 values: our ten core areas of learning. We strongly recommend the students are present for ALL sessions to successfully be on the path to become superhuman.

What will be the format of the program?
We have designed a unique program comprising various lessons, case studies, group and individual projects, study materials and workshops. Learn more about the program here.

Will I need to take examinations?
There will be no examinations as part of the program. However, there will be regular feedback from peers and the team to support your development; all projects submitted will need to be of our expected standard. More importantly, you will keep track of your own progress through a journal.

What can I expect to achieve by the end?
10xMBA is as much a course on how to develop your presence, that persona that sets you apart from the crowd, as it is a product of real quality and depth, with real-time lectures, expert coaches, inspirational speakers and collaboration, key. On completion, you’ll be superhuman. Face every challenge at work and in your personal life more easily and become part of the very best super-human alumni network.

What time-zones does the course suit?
Our program is designed to suit the best the Indian (UTC + 05:30) and Indonesian time-zones (UTC + 07:00). However, anyone across the globe can join. As well as in Indonesia and India, we have course representatives based in France and England. See the contact page for more details.

How is 10xMBA different to standard MBA programs?

  • we focus on essential values that are real and relevant to your daily life, from being kind to being curious, super responsive to being proactive, from never procrastinating again, to finishing all your projects on time
  • the program is much shorter (one month in duration) and focuses on the key skills that you will always need, whatever your job – in fact, we believe these are skills everyone should have in the personal lives too
  • we are significantly cheaper but we believe our quality is far superior, thanks to our roster of fantastic mentors from all over the world
  • the program is designed and run by people who have many years of industry experience gathered in well-known startups and the biggest, global companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.). Gain knowledge from people with practical experience in the business world, not only academics
  • we are constantly improving the program based on feedback and because we follow through on what we preach: we constantly try to innovate.

What is the application deadline?
Applications are currently open: if spots are full, you will be considered for the next available class. Click here to apply.

Do you have advice on the application?
Be yourself! Be honest. Focus on your strengths and what skills you have to offer, as well as what you hope to achieve. Remember, first impressions count: check your form through for spellings errors and grammatical mistakes. (Recommendation: delete the last sentence)

Who is the ideal candidate?
There is no ‘ideal’. Everyone has their own strengths to offer. What’s most important is that you are dedicated to change.

Is there an application fee?
The application is completely FREE.

When will I know if my application has been successful?
Applicants will be notified by email. We are happy to provide feedback for any unsuccessful applicants, on request.

Can I apply again if I have been unsuccessful?
You can always apply for the next round/batch of applications if you are not selected this time. Dates will be announced on our website soon.

Is there a minimum work experience required to apply?
No. All applicants will be considered on individual merit. Bear in mind, the course is best suited to people with minimum of 2 years of experience in their chosen field.

Is there a minimum standard of English required?
All applicants must be able to communicate with their team and mentors in English. A good standard of English will be necessary to access course materials and work on projects (some support can be provided in this area, if necessary). Please contact us for any further questions.

How much does 10xMBA cost?
$1,299. For those who want to take advantage of early bird discount, the price is $999.

Is it possible to pay in multiple installments?
Yes, although full payment must be made before the first workshop.

What is included in the program fees?
The program fees include access to course content, 10xMBA network and offline working spaces during workshop session (online conference) with a fast internet connection. See our program page for more information.

What are the different modes of payment available?
Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. Alternative payment methods include a bank transfer and, specifically for Indonesia residents, e-Wallet & over counter (Indomaret, Kioson).
Contact us for more information.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I still pay for the program?
Yes. there are multiple ways to make payment. Please see above.

I can’t afford the fees. Can I still apply?
Yes. You may apply for scholarship, subject to status. Alternatively, approach your company to sponsor this course.

Are there scholarships available?
We do have limited scholarship slots for deserving candidates at heavily discounted rates – this will be subject to request. Contact us.

What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Cancel one week before the course commencement to receive a partial refund.

What is the curriculum like?
See the program page.

What kind of support do you offer students who are having trouble with the course material?
Students will be taught to manage their time effectively and will receive support in the form of feedback for all coursework submitted. Effort is key; we believe in inspiring you enough to make your learning a priority. The team will be on-hand to address queries in our specially designed forum for project work.

What are the frustrations we anticipate with 10xMBA?
This course is not for you if you are looking for a certificate to add to your CV. See it as an opportunity to network and inspire you to reach your potential. Some students may prefer exams; our course is designed to suit those who wish to improve their soft-skills, outlook, the impact of their ideas.

Will I have to travel for any course related activities?
The experience is designed to be accessed entirely online, where you will meet all members of the team and participants, although offline work-space in Bangalore and Jakarta is available.

Will the course follow the curriculum of a standard MBA program?
The curriculum is dynamic; 10 key areas of learning, based on our 10 principles, over 4 weeks. Our course is entirely unique and has been designed based on years of research and practical expertise.

What is the usual class size?
We’ll divide you into groups of 4, with 20 participants in Bangalore and Jakarta; you will get to meet every participant in your cohort (and all participants on our forum). For each group, a new group leader (chosen from the group) will be selected each week; 1:1 mentorship will be available.

How much time can I expect to spend on coursework each day?
You will need to dedicate time to complete projects (one for each area of learning), your an online journal and time to digest reading materials, videos and blogs. Expect to set aside a couple of hours a day for this.

How often are sessions of 10xMBA held?
The workshops will be held on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY.

Does the course founder personally teach the course?
Yes! Our founder Sebastian (who holds his own MBA) created the course and designed all the projects. Unlike with other online MBAs, students will have access to all coaches and the opportunity for 1:1 time with a mentor.

Can I join as a mentor?
We would be delighted to consider your application to be a mentor! Simply send us an email at, share your LinkedIn profile with us and the values you feel the closest to and we will get back to you as quickly as

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