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Managing your email inbox

Are you subject to the tyranny of your overflowing inbox? Are there constant distractions derailing your day? Do you find yourself taking more and more work home, eating into your evenings and weekends?

Email responsiveness matters.

It’s not only a question of how efficient you are perceived to be by managers, customers and team members but of how efficient you actually are. What is your response rate to emails? How many of them do you actually process under 24 hours? Do you even have a methodical process in place?

At 10xMBA, we will help you get to zero emails, inbox, at the end of each day. You will finally take control, as well as write with more impact.

Sebastian’s email training class

Here’s some of the feedback received on my own training session. You will be given free access to lectures like these during workshops, where we will focus on practical, hands-on implementation– making the best use of your time.

  • “Your energy is contagious and inspired me to want to improve my workflows, a necessary first step.”
  • “Machine gun fire of ideas that mean I actually want to revisit the slides to discover more.”
  • “You are obviously an email Jedi master. It was really great to be able to see progressively how deep you go into email management, starting from basic tips to very very advanced.”
  • “Very practical sharing and easy to implement right away.”
  • “Really great course… changed my world already!

“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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