Value: Focus on the User

Zappos: deliver the best customer service possible

Zappos, an online shoe retail company (acquired by Amazon), is not only happy to be good, or better than competition: they strive to deliver the best customer service. Employees are nudged to go above and beyond traditional customer service.

The CEO of Zappos had once bet with a competitor that if they called the Zappos hotline (which is by the way open 24/7), the employee would be able to locate the nearest late-night pizza delivery. Sure enough, the call centre employee was confused but guess what happened two minutes later? He came back with a list of the five closest late night pizza restaurants.

Here’s another example to make you think: a woman called Zappos to return a pair of shoes for her husband because he died in a car accident. The next day, she received flowers, which the call centre rep had billed to the company without checking with her supervisor. Empower your employees (for instance, define a monetary threshold under which no approval is required) and they will achieve wonders. No surprise that 75% of the company’s customers are repeat ones.

Workshop time

During our workshops, we will encourage you to find a community or a local association or an independent theatre and understand their problems or their challenges. Validate their needs and come up with insights that you will share with them. You are there to help and all that matters is focusing on them and their users.


“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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