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Sending customised emails

Have you ever noticed how sending a single email to a group of people, asked to complete specific tasks, usually results in a low response rate? This is setting aside the fact that many tasks are not actually completed. Based on internal data, not more than 30% of the recipients actually do respond before the first follow-up.

What if we told there existed a fairly simple way of boosting that response rate from 30% to 80%?

There is a technique: send individual, custom messages. Now, you don’t want to do this manually because you’re smart and your time is precious.

We will show you how with less than 10 lines of code – no coding experience required – you can easily automate your emailing life. What’s more, we will give you many more examples of how you can use that very nifty technique, including in your personal life. But don’t tell anyone your secret – at best, they’ll believe you have clones working for you.

Updating a calendar from a spreadsheet

Ever had to organise a complex calendar schedule for multiple people? And then had to change minute details in the agenda? Or gave up because it was just tedious to update them in the calendar app?

We will show you how – or with the corresponding tool – you can automate the entire process by having all the details in one spreadsheet, which then updates everyone’s calendar automatically.

This is not just another trick in some kind of “automation toolbox”. The point is to get you to think “automation” for everything that you do. During our workshops, you will be given many more examples and we will encourage you to come up with even more use cases – so that automation becomes a reflex.
It will either save you time or allow you to do much, much more – 10 times more!ing for you.


“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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