Value: Start, Finish, Iterate

Prototype and fix issues

Marshmallow Challenge

The Marshmallow Challenge has now become a classic team exercise to demonstrate the value of releasing a prototype as quickly as possible – and not spend too much time in theory and in planning, especially when time constraints exist… constraints which basically always exist in our lives, whether at work or not.

Try the challenge with a group of friends or colleagues. Don’t spill the beans though! Make sure only one of you actually understands the whole challenge (watch the video) so that participants can learn from the experience.


During the 10xMBA workshops, we will come up with our own ways to get students to see the value of releasing a prototype quickly, without compromising on quality – and fixing the make-or-break issues until a good-enough product is created… and eventually made great – and greater still.

30-Day Challenge

We also encourage the students of 10xMBA to come up with their own 30-day challenge. Apply everything you are learning to your very own challenge – and don’t hesitate to ask our mentors to guide you in achieving your goal. Challenges can be anything you have always wanted to do in your professional or personal life, but that you always delayed “until you would you have more time”. 10xMBA is there to help you get them off the ground – and help you finalise them. So bring it on, whatever it is! Learning a new language, learning a new instrument, exercising every day for 10 minutes, writing 300 words every day, saying thank-you to someone different every day, teach something to someone every day, etc.

We will ask you to share your progress and document it. Because we know and we will help you get where you had always wanted to be.


“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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