“We choose to go to the moon in this decade
and do the other things,
not because they are easy,
but because they are hard.”

– John Kennedy

Could I be 10x better?

This program is for you if:
  • you have 2 years or more of professional experience and want to work on your soft skills
  • you feel stuck in your career
  • you feel overwhelmed at times and frustrated – you want to move faster
  • you’ve always dreamed of working for international companies
  • you have tons of ideas in your head but procrastinate to start
  • you want to make impact on this world
  • you want to join a network of the brightest talent
… not if:
  • you want a certificate to put on your CV
  • you want to learn more about marketing strategy, corporate valuation, accounting, operations management, business strategy, and other technical skills

What can I get from 10xMBA?

  • 10 fundamental skills to reinvent your mindset. No jargon; no fluff
  • Access to local and international mentors
  • Almost 50 hours of in-person workshops spread over 1 month
  • Collaborative work with specially selected participants and connected in an exclusive Slack channel
  • Practical skills combining project work, case studies and assignments
  • Inclusive access to ALL published 10xMBA courses
  • Access to the “10xSUPERHUMAN” alumni network
  • Downloadable templates for superhuman productivity – action item tracker, tutorial video, exercise worksheets, slide decks etc.

“Always Deliver More Than Expected” – Larry Page

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